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Dear Barbara, you say you paint with your heart. And this is exactly what we can see and feel in your artworks. Congratulations to your ability to create this wonderful atmosphere in all your paintings. All the best, Nicole Cecil, Germany

Nicole Cecil B Germany | Mar 24, 2020

Thank you. Beautiful paintings

Boutique Vivant Russia | Nov 4, 2014

Beautiful paintings Barb! My favorite is your Apple Blossoms painting. Keep enjoying your art time!

Linda Boisvert Destefanis Connecticut, United States | Jan 20, 2013

Barbara, I really love your "Streetlights of Chester." It's beautiful and "feels" like Chester. ~Joan

Joan Cole CT, United States | Sep 6, 2010

I really appreciate the expressive and emotional quality of your work, very beautifully executed in "Sunlight thru the Cedars" and "Tulips in a White Urn".

Gloria Nilsson | Aug 9, 2010

Oooo I love the 'Rocky Shore' painting, I can just see the sunlight on the water.

B.Rossitto CT, United States | Apr 20, 2008

You have captured a wonderful of mine.Your work is outstanding and I am proud to own one of your paintings!

Marjorie | Apr 2, 2008

I enjoyed Tulips in White Vase... soothing. Thank you. Rob

Rob United States | Mar 25, 2008

Beautiful painting. Barbara's one of my favorite artists.

Diane United States | Mar 24, 2008

Lovely art -- I'm a big fan!

Becky United States | Mar 24, 2008
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