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Thank you. Beautiful paintings

Boutique vivant Russia | Nov 4, 2014

Beautiful paintings Barb! My favorite is your Apple Blossoms painting. Keep enjoying your art time!

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis Connecticut, United States | Jan 20, 2013

Barbara, I really love your "Streetlights of Chester." It's beautiful and "feels" like Chester. ~Joan

Joan Cole CT, United States | Sep 6, 2010

I really appreciate the expressive and emotional quality of your work, very beautifully executed in "Sunlight thru the Cedars" and "Tulips in a White Urn".

Gloria Nilsson | Aug 9, 2010

Oooo I love the 'Rocky Shore' painting, I can just see the sunlight on the water.

B.Rossitto CT, United States | Apr 20, 2008

You have captured a wonderful of mine.Your work is outstanding and I am proud to own one of your paintings!

Marjorie | Apr 2, 2008

I enjoyed Tulips in White Vase... soothing. Thank you. Rob

Rob United States | Mar 25, 2008

Beautiful painting. Barbara's one of my favorite artists.

Diane United States | Mar 24, 2008

Lovely art -- I'm a big fan!

becky United States | Mar 24, 2008
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