New Artworks by B.Rossitto
10 artworks

Latest original paintings

15 artworks

Paintings that feature water

Oil on Aluminum
5 artworks

Oil on aluminum impressionist oil paintings

7 artworks

Art works that feature a figure

5 artworks

Paintings featuring buildings and other scenes from towns and cities

8 artworks

Plein air paintings from Adirondacks NY

Landscape Paintings
12 artworks

Impressionist Landscapes by B.Rossitto

15 artworks

Portraits and paintings of animals and birds by B.Rossitto

Oil Paintings, Marine
14 artworks

Oil Paintings, Marine, landscape, still life

Barns, Farms, Birds, Landscape Paintings
19 artworks

Paintings in Oil and Watercolor - Landscapes and Animals

gardens, flowers, etc.
22 artworks

My paintings of gardens, flowers, etc.

Pastel Paintings
14 artworks

Pastel Paintings

Prints Only Available
46 artworks

Original not available for sale, giclee prints available on demand

still life paintings oil and watercolor
13 artworks

I have made a promise to myself that I will try to paint every day and post to this website.

Acrylic Paintings and Contemporary Art
6 artworks

Contemporary Paintings in Acrylic by B.Rossitto

2016 paintings
5 artworks

Paintings created in 2016, paintings by B.Rossitto

2014 paintings
3 artworks

New paintings - year 2014

Water Colors - Fluid, Translucent Water
10 artworks

I'm starting a new gallery of my Water Colors that are all about Translucent Watercolor, Fluid and (almost) wet.

My favorite Photos
23 artworks

These are a few of my favorite photos

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